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Empowering Business Owners to Maximize Business Value
so they can achieve their Dream Exit

Understand where you are today

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Define where you want to go 

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Relentlessly execute the plan 

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Transition on YOUR terms! 

Every business will transition.

Unfortunately, 83% of business transitions fail to reach the finish line.

This is not okay. That's why we work with business owners to change that statistic - so they are in the 17%. We educate and empower business owners to execute a plan to maximize their business value.

Using our 4 - step process, we help business owners maximize business value so they can transition their business on their own terms.


Understand where

you are today >

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We begin with a Transition Readiness Assessment or TRA. We evaluate all of the major business functions to identify areas for business growth and increased business valuation.  It is a "heat map" of issues and an OPINION of Enterprise Value.


We sit down with the business owner and conduct a Transition Readiness Assessment. TRA is a comprehensive report including a “heat map” of issues that 
need to be addressed and an OPINION of Enterprise Value

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Define where you

want to go >

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We take the data from the TRA and develop a detailed Roadmap for Value Acceleration(RVA). This is a detailed Transition plan to execute the changes needed in the proper sequence over the next 18 months to 3 years.

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Relentlessly execute

the plan >

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Once the roadmap is complete you have options to execute the plan. These options include a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) approach or partnering with Mastery Partners to assist in the implementation.

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Transition on YOUR

Terms >

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Our process does not force you into a sale. It's designed to improve your business and give you options.  Sell?  ESOP? Transition to your children?  You decide. But now you have done the work to have options and be successful in whatever you decide.

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We start with a snapshot of where your business is today. We help you understand where you want to be and design a custom strategy to get you there. You execute that strategy with the help of our amazing resource network. We help you transition on your terms.

Ultimately, we help you transition your business on your own terms. What are you waiting for? 


More time? More revenue? If you want to Maximize Business Value, it takes time.  Now is the time!  Get started today by scheduling a call with Tom. 

Maximizing your business value starts here... 


Register to attend the Business Transitions Summit on May 7, 2024

Get my latest BOOK, The Maximize Business Value Playbook!


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Check out the Maximize Business Value Podcast


Purchase a Transitions Readiness Assessment (TRA) 


Questions we get...

Although every project is different, it’s surprisingly affordable. For less than the cost of a certified valuation, you can get all the way through the first two steps of our process and have tons of actionable items to work on! And, we offer flexible monthly payment options. The typical reaction to our proposed Scope of Work is, “I’d be foolish not to at least take the first step.”

How much is it?
What costs are involved? 

How long does it take?

Most of the work is done on our end, but we do need about a day of your time to get through the initial TRA interview, which can be broken up into shorter sessions. After that, it takes us 30 to 45 days to deliver the TRA and another 45 to 60 days to complete the RVA.

Can my management team participate? 

Many of our clients ask some of their senior managers to participate in parts of the process. Although that’s not required, we encourage an “open book” approach to keep your team aligned.

Can you help a business like mine? What type of businesses do you help? 

Our process is completely industry agnostic. We help businesses in a wide range of industries from software to restaurants to construction to education to manufacturing… (We could go on and on!) If we ever find a business we can’t help, we won’t be shy about saying so.

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