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Our 4 Step Process

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It's a fact. All businesses transition. Some to the next generation. Some to the employees. Some to a new owner. A transition is coming, so why not do it on your terms?  Mastery Partners helps you stay in control of the succession planning, and leads you to a better business valuation when the time comes. Whether you sell your business in 6 months or 6 years, our core competency is to help you (the business owner) get ready for that “exit event” and improve the outcome. 

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Transition Readiness Assessment (TRA)

We begin with a Transaction Readiness Assessment or TRA. We evaluate all of the major business functions to identify areas for business growth and increased business valuation. Buyers look at EVERYTHING and the better prepared you are on the front end, the less likely the buyer will raise red flags later in the process. “Red flags” to buyers are reasons to reduce or “retrade” the offer. Then, Mastery Partners delivers to you a written report, which includes an opinion regarding the current value of your business. Armed with that information, you can either take a DIY approach, or move on to Step 2.





for Value Acceleration

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Next, we take the data from the TRA and develop a detailed Roadmap for Value Improvement (RVI). This is a detailed EXIT plan to execute the changes needed in the proper sequence. During this process, we help you explore your desired outcome and formulate an exit plan that helps you achieve your goals.  Many of the items identified in the TRA are easy to implement. Again, after we deliver this comprehensive RVI, you can take a DIY approach, or engage Mastery on a retainer basis to help you implement the plan. Either way, our mission is to support you through the succession planning and exit process! 


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Execute Strategy

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Once this roadmap is complete and presented, the business owner will have options to execute the plan. These options include a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) approach or partnering with Mastery Partners to assist in the implementation. Note that we say "assist" because it will also require work on the part of the business owner and other talent in the organization to implement the recommendations. Engagement with Mastery to assist in the implementation typically takes one of three engagement models we offer:  Retainer Model, Project Model, and Hourly Model. 



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On Your

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The final step in the process is to execute a transition to sell your business on your terms. Whether it’s in the form of a transition to the next generation, to new owners, or to new management, our process allows you to define your destiny.

We can assist you in preparing the necessary documents, the marketing strategy, and even represent you as a Seller’s agent or recommend an investment banker if necessary.It is not unusual for our clients to decide to continue to own their business after we’ve completed the roadmap for business value acceleration. After going through each step, in the end, you’ll have options!  

And maintain some control of the process. Mastery Partners is with you every step of the way. We make sure you get there and enjoy the view along the way. 

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