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Mastery's Partners are accomplished executives with a ton of experience from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. They are the people you want on your team when you are facing tough business situations. Whether it be exit strategy, transition plans,  mergers and acquisitions, sales slumps, operational headaches, people problems or you name it, they have seen it all (many times) and made it out the other side - with success. Let us help you with a free consultation and assessment today. Reach out to us today! 

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Get to Know Us

So - Who are these crazy people who think they can help solve the world's business problems?


Dawn loves to solve day to day business issues at their root cause. Dawn has lived through the day to day issues experienced after an acquisition and has unique insight that makes success repeatable and measurable. Her approach toward change and solving problems is creative and innovative, yet pragmatic and highly results oriented. It is not unheard of for Dawn to roll up her sleeves and create a solution.

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Process | Systems Master


Tom founded Mastery Partners to help business owners grow and exit their businesses.  As a business owner, Tom has been in your shoes over 100 times (literally) and he knows what you don't know, yet. He wants to help and he has the experience to do it. 

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Sales, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Exit Master,

CEPA Certified


John has executed all aspects for more than 75 mergers and acquisitions.  He has also developed best practice manuals for operations, playbooks for due diligence and integration, and training for leadership on business analysis and performance. His experience and skills are unmatched and transferable to any industry. 

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Operations and Finance Master


Michael has helped clients successfully create and nurture desire for their products  to drive sales through brand positioning, strategically creative marketing and productive communications. Successfully launched over 100 products. He is our expert to provide executive level marketing consultation, planning, implementation, account supervision and business development.

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Branding and Marketing Master


Mark's strengths are in Talent Management, Leadership Development and Coaching, Mergers and Acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition integration, Change Management and Succession Planning. With over 20 years of hands-on HR experience, he successfully leads and advises companyand business leaders through all life cycle stages.  Mark is known as a key advisor to C-Level Executives.

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People | Human Resources Master


Samantha's background and passion for data and solving business problems  consistently bridge gaps between business users and IT. In addition to her strong analytical and communication skills, Samantha’s experience in leadership and operations provide a unique understanding of business challenges. When she is not in a spreadsheet or exec team meeting, Sam is s spending time with her children and her family.

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Operations and Analysis Master


Gene is our go-to person when our clients need to know “what’s real and what’s not” regarding projects and processes that focus on the efficient alignment of information technology to business operations’ needs.  Whether your project effort is aimed at streamlining business operations procedures and right-sizing for growth, successfully managing your software development efforts to achievable results, fixing a project that has bogged down or stalled, or moving your technical infrastructure into the cloud, Gene gets things defined, started and done.

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Project Management Master

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With 20+ years of senior management experience as a business owner, CFO, attorney, and engineer, Craig can help you detect financial, legal, and operational issues, determine how the interrelation of those issues may impact your business, and help you develop and implement a strategy to remove those barriers to greater success of your company.

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Executive Level Advisory Master


Dean loves growing top line revenue. He enables clients to grow sales revenue, improve profitability and implement comprehensive sales strategies. As a leader, communicator, and collaborator, Dean is a proven executive skilled in building and leading organizations to achieve superior sales results.  As an entrepreneur, Dean has invested time and capital in start-ups.

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Sales Strategy Master


Ed works with scores of senior and mid-level executives and successful entrepreneurs. He designs, implements and manages corporate coaching and leadership development programs. Ed is a widely-recognized expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications. (look him up) 

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Executive Coaching Master

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