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Transition Readiness Assessment #3

  • The Transition Readiness Assessment is a 500 point assessment tool that examines your business from end to end. Answers are scored and roll up to a readiness score by department. It pinpoints where you are losing value and where you are creating value in a simple, uncomplicated way and tells you how ready your business is for transition - for selling, for scaling, for whatever transition you have on the horizon.

  • After purchasing the TRA, you will receive a questionnaire and an email from our value expert to schedule a time for the assessment. Our value expert will walk you through the Transition Readiness Assessment. Allow 4-8 hours to complete this. (usually done in two - 4 hour sessions)  Once the TRA is complete, in 10-14 days you receive your comprehensive report along with analysis, heatmap, and opinion of enterprise value. 

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