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Two Tactics For Combating Stress and Facing Possible Burnout

It was a pleasure and an honor to be a guest on Tom’s podcast. Tom and I have know each other for a long but he did not know of some of the pressures I had put on myself over the years. When we had a conversation about what I have done to combat stress and eventual burnout, he wanted to have me as a guest to share my experiences.

So often entrepreneurs know that they under a lot of stress, but they don’t take measures to fix things until it is too late. It's important for business owners to reflect upon the bigger picture often, so they realize that changes need to be made.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “when you are over committed, you commit to nothing.” That was where I was a few years ago. A few substantial stress inducing events took place, which became overbearing and sent me to the hospital. This served as a wake up call. It became time to make some changes or stress was going to eventually kill me. Thank goodness for the support of my family, my company, my mentors and my coaches. Through the years I learned a lot from all of them.

There are two things you may think about doing now if you are overwhelmed and facing possible burnout. They are the concepts of Unique Ability and The Entrepreneurial Time System. If not for putting these into practice, burnout would have happened years ago.

We all have a Unique Ability. It is what we were put on this planet to do. The more you can use this ability it in your business, the better for your business. An example of a Unique Ability might be connecting with people and having them trust you quicker than most. The more time you can spend doing this would make your business grow even faster. In order to spend more time doing it, you have to delegate other responsibilities to free up time. You can read more about Unique Ability here.

I have tried a lot of time management systems over the years and little success followed because they were just too complicated. When I learned and tried The Entrepreneurial Time System, everything changed. It is simple. You divide your week between three types of days: Free Days, Focus Days, and Buffer Days. Free Days are days where you do zero work. For most people this can be Saturday and Sunday. Focus Days are days where 80% of your time is spent on revenue generating activities like talking to your clients and customers. Buffer Days are days where you catch up, prepare, or get organized. Simple. Tom and I go into more detail on the podcast, but you can learn more here about the time system here.

I'm very grateful to have peers like Tom that openly talk about mental health. We hope you find some value in our conversation on the podcast. Check it out here to learn more about sustaining positive mental health and avoiding burnout.


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