Recruiting with Love

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” – Jim Collins, Good to Great


Your workload is crazy. You’re working nights, weekends...all the darn time. Yeah, you’re amazing at what you do (heck yeah you are) but you can’t do it all yourself. You shouldn’t be. You’re bursting at the seams and possibly bursting into tears. You need help and you need

So what do you do? Hire someone. I need another “me.”

But how? I don’t know. Put an ad out? Hire a friend? Reach out to the “I know a guy” guy?

Okay and then what? I gotta see that resume first. Interview them. Pick the best one.


This is usually how it goes, right? Or maybe you go through a recruiting firm? Either way the process is the same ole way we’ve been doing it for years...see a need, look at resumes, interview, hire then cross your fingers it works out.

But there is something missing.

The heart in it all and the strategy in that heart.

I’ll explain and we’ll need to back up and take a look at YOU first.

YOU = Core Values

There’s a reason you’ve been so successful in your business. It is because of who you are and how you operate that you’ve gotten this far. What are those key traits you possess that got you where you’re at now? Can you name them? And what about the things that are your big blind spots - can you name those too? You need to unearth exactly what those are. Those are your core values. Well, except the blind spots...just take the opposite. THOSE are what you’ll be using to evaluate what kind of person you need to hire.

If you can identify these, you’ll be able to bring someone on board who truly LOVES what they do because they’ll possess the same core values as your company.

Don’t Be Boring

I can bet 90% of all the job ads out there right now are extremely boring. Yeah, I said it because they are.

I just googled, “Receptionist” on Indeed (city undisclosed) and here is what I got:

We are looking for a bilingual (Spanish) candidate to handle incoming calls, greet 						customers, set appointments and follow up with prospects, handle Social Media for the store and answer emails.

We will provide training!

Basic computer skills are required. Positive attitude helps a lot!

Most important we want someone who loves communicating with people.

We are also offering an opportunity to earn bonus and commission on top of the hourly pay.

Woohoo that was fun to read! LOL. So where are those values? Where’s the grab for the reader? Who are they REALLY looking for?

When writing your job ad, share what the ideal candidate looks like by giving a vivid, fun depiction of what a day in the life looks like. Or give a colorful 1-2-3 list of what that person does and loves to do in their job.

Check out what we did:

“You are the face, voice and heart of this company. Without you we wouldn’t be “be the change HR.” You are responsible for handling our client’s HR projects and processes as a reliable and knowledgeable HR Consultant and true HR Generalist. You care about your craft. You bring calm to the occasional HR storm. You also know how to have a good time while doing working because let’s be honest, you really love HR.

And guess what...core values were weaved into this language. Put some love into that job ad and I promise it’ll make