StoryBrand is Revolutionizing My Marketing Efforts

Why I’m in love with this easy to follow framework to totally revamp your marketing efforts.

Let me start by thanking my good friend Mike Rose for introducing me to the book Building a Story Brand - Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller. Since he told me about the book a few months ago, I have listened to or read it four times. It’s just that good and if you are a business owner, you should read it, too.

The book outlines a process to clearly define your marketing message. It is so simple to follow, yet incredibly powerful in clarifying your message. It will help you avoid a costly mistake in your own marketing efforts.

Let’s face it - lots of marketing is ineffective because it makes you or your company the HERO of your marketing messaging. Think about your own website for a moment. Does your website, like so many others, tell the story of how the company was founded, or how long you’ve been in business or all the great things you can do for your customers?

If it does - chances are you’re making the same classic mistake that causes most companies to waste enormous amounts of money on marketing. Most companies make themselves the hero of the story. Their marketing talks about how great the company is, how wonderful their products or services are, and how many awards they have won.

But, here’s the thing… Everyone, including your customers and prospects, wants to be the hero of their own story. Although we don’t want someone else to be the hero of our story, every hero in every story needs a “guide” to help them along the path to success.

  • Hamlet had his father’s ghost

  • In Moneyball, Billy Beane had Peter Brand

  • In Lord of the Rings, Frodo had Gandalf

  • Even Luke Skywalker had Yoda

In each of these epic stories, the HERO had a guide… but they were still the hero of the story…And if your marketing positions your customer as the hero and your company as the guide then you will be able to connect with your customers and prospects in a way that most companies don’t.

What is StoryBranding?

Your brand needs to tell a good story, but many companies don't know what that really means or how to do it. Our human brains prefer to process stories. A good story tends to follow a familiar, comfortable formula. Stories are interesting and memorable. Good stories touch you emotionally and intellectually and make you pay attention.

The StoryBrand Framework is a marketing messaging tool that allows organizations to clarify their message using a seven part-process that leverages the power of story. This framework is a way of structuring your marketing messaging around the hero's journey.

Every classic story, from Homer's Iliad to Star Wars, goes something like this.

A Character...