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ConnectPoints: an overview

Below is a preview of my primer for ConnectPoints, my book on interacting with our networks and 'touching' each contact. Find the full PDF at the end of this article!

There are several reasons I wrote this primer:

1. I’m introducing ConnectPoints, a book focusing exclusively on the system of “touching” people and contacts in our network and keeping score.

2. Founders can sell but don’t have a system for teaching others around them to sell resulting in frustrations, stalled initiatives and turnover.

3. Introverts have never been taught a system that will accelerate their career through sales and to advance to the higher ranks, business development is a critical skill.

So, for me, it’s all about founders and introverts. I can remember telling my kids that “you’ll either be a nerd, or work for one.” A lifetime of working with executives and entrepreneurs tells me this is true.

Technology can help but it hasn’t helped. I’ve seen iteration after iteration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) companies come and go, grow and shrink, and succeed and fail. It’s not the idea, it’s what we track. These systems, while helpful, are helpful for the organization more than they help the individual market-facing person. They often are heavy in data entry and the information that comes from them is often not helpful. What marketfacing business developers need is a way to track the meaningful activity that leads to results.

In my world of business development coaching, the sun rises and falls on the number of meetings we get on a weekly basis. The question is what are the inputs that lead to those meetings? Long ago I discovered there is a plethora of activity that happens above the sales funnel and by focusing on that activity, one could ensure a consistent pipeline. ConnectPoints is the system that helps individuals manage their activity and focus on the most important metrics. If members buy into this system of giving themselves a way to help others, invest in their network and seek warm introductions, they will succeed in developing business. You won’t find this in a university.

It always amazed me what knowledge domains teach in universities, but we don’t really teach students how to develop business. You can be the most talented individual in the world, but if nobody knows how you can help them, it doesn’t matter. Nothing happens without a sale. Period.

ConnectPoints is a system that leverages three different types of activities, and the tasks within each activity that if tracked, will help individuals (my founders and introverts) schedule more meetings. Activity leads to meetings, meetings lead to opportunities, opportunities lead to sales.


Find the rest in the PDF below or visit John at!

ConnectPoints Primer 6-26-22 - Final
Download PDF • 500KB


John Humphrey is a serial entrepreneur with experience in starting businesses ranging from restaurants to software and consulting. John currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Connect for Life. He has served in roles as Chief Revenue Officer and EVP of Cyber Group, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Pariveda Solutions, a VP at Hitachi Consulting and Partner at Tactica Technology Group. FIND JOHN'S BOOK ON AMAZON HERE.

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