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Having the Right Tools in Your Toolkit

First off, I’m not a craftsman by any means, but I have been around people who are though. A craftsman needs many different types of tools to be able to do their job right? Well, the same thing applies for a business owner.

The business owner, especially a small business owner, let’s say with less than 10 employees or a newly formed startup company, knows a lot about their core competencies. Most don’t know that much about everything else needed to run their company successfully and to grow it. That goes for sales, marketing, finance, human resources etc. HR Catalyst focused on the HR side of things, that is our expertise. We have created a new product or really a set of tools geared towards a smaller company or startup, the HR Starter Kit.

The HR Starter Kit includes almost 30 different forms, tools, templates for most things needed from an HR perspective. The list includes, offer letters, a robust onboarding process, job description templates, warning letter templates and the list goes on from there. All the forms can be downloaded and edited for you to customize, add your logo etc. We created the Starter Kit because we needed to build these tools/templates for many of our clients, therefore, why not bundle them into a package and offer them to business owners who may not need our core HR consulting services today, but may need them in the future.

Remember, as a business owner you have thousands of things to do to build and scale your business to Maximize its value. Why not get help on the HR side of things by downloading the Starter Kit today. I’m confident you’ll be very glad you did. If you need added HR help besides the Starter Kit, you can reach out to us directly on our website,



Mark Mitford has held top HR positions in Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, Nortel, Texas Instruments, Ericsson, and many mid-sized companies. Mark offers valuable insight from firsthand experiences. He explains how investing time in HR strategy and processes wisely build a healthy company culture, which ultimately increases both top and bottom-line financial performance for your company.

Mark brings proven business-minded strategies from his 25+ years of experience as an HR leader to help small-to-mid-sized companies flourish. Mark speaks in practical, actionable language, effortlessly moving from the 30,000-foot strategic view to ground-level tactical views.

Mark has spoken for many groups, including North Dallas Chamber, Business Navigators, Irving Chamber and The CEO Institute, and numerous client companies. He holds two master’s degrees – Organizational Psychology and an MBA in Strategy and International Management.

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