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Strategically Position Team Members to Make a Significant Impact

Do you need an efficient, engaged workforce that spends less energy to produce more? Consider using a strengths-based approach so that your teammates are focused, excited, engaged and at their absolute best. When you take time up front to understand what each teammate is exceptionally good at, you can effectively leverage each individual's talents to benefit the company and create personal success for the individual.

When I first became a strengths-based coach, I conducted a CliftonStrengths team workshop for my operations leadership team. During the workshop, it was established that my brain was wired naturally to think about continuous improvement while another teammates' brain was wired to naturally think about data and analytics. At the time, I was a key performance indicator (KPI) strategist and my teammate was in charge of continuous improvement for a pricing team. The head of our department, who was an "Arranger," saw an immediate need to flip-flop us. He asked us what we thought about the role change and we were both extremely eager and excited about the opportunity - people have a strong desire to make a significant impact.

She and I excelled in our new roles. We were happier, more engaged and were able to contribute more to the organization in our new capacities. I helped lean out the department's processes and she helped standardized accurate metrics across the organization. Within two years we were both promoted. Not only did we both experience a tremendous amount of personal success, but the organization greatly benefited from our natural talents.

People have a strong desire to make a significant impact.

This type of agility must be baked into your organization. Not only should leaders across the company be "able" to make these types of changes but they need to be encouraged to do so. By making role swapping easy, you encourage leaders to leverage talent the minute it is discovered.

Take the time up front to understand who you have working for you. Empower each individual to do what they do best every single day so that your organization benefits from each person's unique value. Your teammates can take the assessment HERE. Once you've assessed each person's unique strengths, bring in a Gallup-certified strengths coach like myself to help you understand how to best leverage your talent to meet your organization's goals.



Brandy Schade is a global Gallup-Certified Strength Coach with 20+ years of industry experience and 10+ years of coaching experience. She has consulted thousands of professionals and facilitated hundreds of workshops across a diverse set of industries and countries. Brandy is passionate about increasing confidence and self-awareness by leveraging an individual's strengths. She inspires engagement, increases performance and maximizes results. By creating awareness of others' strengths she empowers strong partnerships and strengthens team performance. She also develops strong, effective leaders that create strengths-based cultures so that organizations and teams thrive.

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